Accolade International Ministry

A.I.M. is a not for profit ministry created to foster character development, and the understanding of the Armor of God as presented in the scriptures and detailed in Awaken the Warrior.  Operating as a 508 tax excepted church affiliate, donations are tax deductible under the 501(c)(3) covering offered by Coalition of Prison Evangelists (COPE).

I greatly enjoy bringing the chivalric way of looking at life to those that come to my presentations.  God has created us all with the heart of the Warrior, we have been robbed of understanding our true nature and our worth.

Proceeds from donations and book sales are used to distribute copies of Awaken the Warrior to prisoners and individuals not able to afford the text, yet desiring to grow closer to God and His will for their lives.

More information on AIM will be made available on this page as the ministry develops.  We are currently waiting for verification from various authorities before we make a huge public 'splash.'

Currently, Accolades has provided material to study groups using "Training for God's Army" in Australia, California, Connecticut, England, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, New Zealand, Saskatchewan, Tennessee, and Texas.

Accolade can be reached at 1-800-483-6332.