Awaken The Warrior            Exit

With the demise of the warrior, our souls are in imminent jeopardy

Awaken the Warrior reveals an alarming dilemma:  the character assassination of the warrior, without which our society and our very souls are without guard, and in imminent jeopardy.  Its two parts describe the character and assets of the warrior styled as a man-of-peace and a man-of-war. Part One deals with the internal attributes of the warrior’s character, and specific factors contributing to the subversion of these traits today. This represents the cause for many of societies troubles, shown to be the effects.

With this laid as the foundation, Part Two discusses the outward representation of the warriors assets as the armor of God.  I draw from over 25 years of training in medieval martial arts to describe the specific protections provided by each piece of armor. This combined with a unique blend of Biblical and historical references, describes the spiritual protection of the armor of God in very real terms.

Armed with this information, the reader is given specific information they may apply to develop and unleash the character of the warrior within, and manifest the spiritual protection of the armor of God.  The power and truth contained within this book can change your life.

The content of the book will be well received by those searching for inspirational, spiritual, self-awareness or metaphysical material.

I was born in New York in 1955 and moved to Georgia in 1969. I began studying the Bible and eschatology in 1973, becoming an Extra Ordinary Communion Minister in 1977. Since then, I have functioned as a lay minister.  I hold a bachelors in science and dental technology.  I also teach recreational and competitive fencing techniques for the duel with an Epee.

Combining over 25 years of study in Fencing and medieval martial arts with Biblical studies, I have created a ministry, Accolade International Ministry, (A.I.M. 1-800-483-6332) The goal of Accolade is to foster character development and inspire individuals toward a more faith-based life.  The ministry has already touched the lives of congregations in the Assembly of God, Lutheran, Baptist, Catholic, and Pentecostals churches alike, as well as Boy Scout Troops, Youth Groups and Adolescent Bible Schools.  Awaken the Warrior has served as a prison ministry in California and Georgia as a Bible study.

Awaken the Warrior is illustrated, printed on acid free paper, 6x9, 316 pages, and is available in softbound, hardbound and in electronic format.