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                    Bonus! This newly completed Singles Retreat manual / Workbook 

                               "Training for God's Army" is FREE and available online

For those wanting a fully updated copy of the workbook, contact me and I will send a free electronic copy upon request.  Printed copies are $15 for the Participants version, and $20 for the Instructors.  The workbooks are spiral bound and jacketed with heavy plastic covers.  If you would like pictures to go along with your study, I have many detailed shots of the armor and all the fittings.  Simply email me and let me know if you have any special photo requests.

As far as the Workbooks go~ they are designed as a companion study guide for 'Awaken the Warrior.

There are two versions available: 

The Instructor's edition.  This edition contains target answers and directions for running the discussion sections with groups.

The Participant's edition. There are no wrong answers.  Reading the text and comparing the scripture cites will make it obvious what chinks you have in your armor.

For those wanting to host a Bible Study on the Armor of God and Character development, I also offer course packages starting at $75.  Each package contains at least one hardbound and softbound copy of the text plus  instructors guide and Participant workbooks.

Help spread the Word~!

If you are interested in hosting a Bible study on the Armor of God or character development for a group, I can record an audio CD or a Video DVD for your use.  Some are available now, but why use one prepared for someone can have your own instruction DVD created for your venue.

Also pay attention to your visitor number on the home page counter.   I offer fee-free seminars and free printed copies of Awaken the Warrior to visitors on a regular basis so if you are the lucky number, email me and claim your prize today~!  For more information, see the link on the main page.

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