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              Introduction to Accolade International Ministry

  "Awaken the Warrior" and the companion study guide Training for God's Army are used as course material. AIM designs Bible studies, lecture series, and group presentations of the material contained within "Awaken the Warrior" for a wide variety of audiences. For maximum impact, Mr. Sacco presents the material while donned in complete armor, and presents a variety of sleight of hand tricks to stress points he delivers, all the while wearing gauntlets!   

     Teen study groups, catechism classes as well as book clubs and woman's Bible study groups in particular have found the material to be especially enlightening.  Of the Christian literature available on this subject, you will find here a true tour de force on the Armor of God!

     Accolade International Ministry (AIM) is affiliated with the Coalition of Prison Evangelists (COPE). AIM's mission is to promote the message of the scriptural teachings of the Armor of God and to foster character development for secular and non-secular audiences.