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                                                      Philip on Philip

There is no doubt in my mind that God is in control.  He had a reason for picking me to reveal the wonders of the Armor of God to as having 25 years of experience in armored martial combat, I have found myself uniquely qualified to compare the Armor of God with real armor in both spiritual protection as well as literal protection.  What He has led me to discover is truly amazing and constitutes a message all must hear.

    Being raised Catholic did not prepare me for the conversion experience I had in High School followed quickly with exposure to the power of the Holy Spirit.  While I have never left the Catholic church, my personal studies and experiences have lent me a new perspective to the teachings of the church.

    I have maintained an active role within my church, and have come to find a refreshing welcome for my Lay ministry.

    The suggestion of pursuing a ministry focused on the Armor of God was first made some 15 years ago.  God had much He apparently wanted to teach me before moving me actively in that direction.

    The message of "Awaken the Warrior" was powerfully instilled in me one ordinary day in October of 1998.  The story is related in the Epilogue of the book and is available online.  Since that time, I have steadfastly pursued detailing the message and worked towards making it known at large.  Your help in this endeavor is needed as I can only focus my attention where I am made aware attention is needed.  I welcome the opportunity to come share the message with your church fellowship.

    This message has greatly enriched my life as well as that of countless others.  I am sure you will agree~


Peace and Joy~

Philip Sacco