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                                              Personal Appearances & Presentations

Accolade Ministries is always ready to spread the word of God's armor to any and all interested.  To date, presentations and ministries have been shared in Arkansas, California, Georgia, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin.  For a full listing of activity, check the 'Crusade and events' link here or on the home page.

Accolade offers full week long seminars, weekend retreats, or 1-3 hour presentations on the armor of God.  Presentations can be custom tailored for your particular groups age and level of knowledge.

A talented and gifted speaker, Mr. Sacco presents this material as he is led by the Holy Spirit.  His presentations are animated, and captivating.  Not only are each piece of armor physically represented and described in detail as to how we don our spiritual armor, he captivates the audience with various sleight-of-hand tricks to make specific points.

   To schedule an event, contact Accolade International Ministries


Presentation topics~

'Magical Knight'~ Presentation is centered around the message of the armor using stand up magic/sleight of hand to captivate and express the message.

'Awaken the Warrior'~ Message centers on the lost archetype of the Warrior and how we must regain this aspect of our character individually.

'Iron Clad Principles'~ The 'Awaken' message is presented in a Secular format.

'Armed and Ready'~ An overview of the armor itself and the character attitude required to manifest it.

'Training for God's Army'~ An in-depth study of the text 'Awaken the Warrior.'  Course covers 15 weeks and each session is roughly 2 hours long.

'Spiritual Warfare'~ An overview of the various aspects of spiritual warfare, understanding it and preparing oneself.  Study involves such things as~ lines of communication, Artillery and Tanks/Air and Ground forces, knowing the enemy, understanding the battlefield, supplies and refit, Special Forces, etc. - all in the context of spiritual concepts.