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Table of Contents - Awaken the Warrior


A Letter from the Author


Introduction:  (complete text) (future video link)  Elements of the problem.  Introduction to Archetypes

Part One: (complete text) (future video link)  METTLE- Man of Peace- The Warrior as a Man-of-Peace

Chapter One: (complete text) (future video link)  The Battle-  Spiritual warfare characteristics, knowing the enemy

Chapter Two: (excerpts) (future video link)  AWOL- Introduction to Archetypes, our internal behavior models

    Section One- A World Gone Wrong- Evil rampant, the missing Warrior

    Section Two- Awaken the Warrior- Requirements

    Section Three- I Am A Warrior Of The Kingdom Of God- The missing character traits, societal factors, initiation rites

Chapter Three: (excerpts) (future video link)  Becoming Whole- Archetypes; the adolescent forms and adult forms.  Internal images of the Warrior archetype, some historical comparisons

Chapter Four:  (excerpts) (future video link)  The Forge- The makings of a Warrior’s Character

Chapter Five: (excerpts) (future video link)  Awards, Standards and Appearances

    Section One: Awards- Merit for valor, penalty for wrong action

    Section Two: Crowns-  The Seven Crowns as our heavenly rewards

    Section Three: Standards-  Then- Past representation of character or spirit; and Now- the expression of character in actions, moral codes, values, and ethics.

    Section Four: Appearances- Reality to the eyes of the body or the eyes of the Spirit

Part Two: (complete text) (future video link)  METAL- Man of War- The Warrior as a Man-of-War, the tools of the trade, spiritual armor, armor proofing

Chapter Six:  (complete text) (future video link)  Shod your feet- the importance of good footing, characteristics of willingness and doing

Chapter Seven:  (excerpts) (future video link)  The Belt of Truth- How truth serves us, use as a weapon

Chapter Eight: (excerpts) (future video link) The Breastplate of Righteousness- Love and Faith, right action, matters of the heart

Chapter Nine: (excerpts) (future video link)  The Helmet of Salvation- Knowing and claiming salvation, the idle mind, protecting our thoughts

Chapter Ten:  (excerpts) (future video link)  The Shield of Faith- Quenches the fiery darts, Faith binding us all together, the Testudo, covers us from attack in all directions

Chapter Eleven:  (excerpts) (future video link) The Sword of the Word of God- A terrible two-edged sword, cuts both ways, used for offense and defense

Chapter Twelve:  (excerpts) (future video link)  The Twelfth Hour

    Section One:  Salvation and Redemption- a call-to-arms

    Section Two:  Fire and Empowerment- stories from the front lines

Epilogue: (complete text) About the Author- Autobiographical information about the author, the touch of the Masters hand

Bibliography and Suggested reading: (complete text)